Still Beautiful

No matter how many times I listen to ‘Sorairo Days’ from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann the awesomeness reigns true. My heart grows to the size of the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann every time I hear the opening line “Kimi ha kikoeru?”

I mean, could you imagine TTGL without it? Sure, you’d still have an amazing show, but the opening is such a beautiful heartfelt zenith of hype, that it serves as both a glorious reason to keep watching and a loving memory to return to upon re-watch.


Fortunately for everyone involved, the OST is spectacular, and the OP is particularly awesome. To me, it’s got some of the most rockin’ instrumentation this side of anime, and an exceptional score that immerses me so well I feel like Kamina and Simon after skyrocketing out of their underground village, gazing in wondrous awe at the world around them. And it’d be wrong of me not to give credit where it’s due, by which I mean Shoko Nakagawa’s amazing vocals. Seriously, as awesome as the sounds and instrumentation goes, her singing is what gives this song life and by Kamina’s sunglasses, let me tell you it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Listening to ‘Sorairo Days’ feels like soaring through the air with Kamina, Simon, and Yoko on Lagann. And it’s a beautiful feeling to have. Because “this drill is… my soul!”

~ Ace


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