Some Things Are Difficult to Write About

Incoming filler post commenting on my inability to articulate my thoughts and feelings regarding certain things, because I lack the comprehension and confidence to do so.


It’s no secret that I, like so many others, have longed to write about certain things in way that demonstrates or adds to their value in some way. One problem I run into a lot these days is to do with how I remember shows I would otherwise love to write about and express how I feel about them today. But it is difficult to do so, considering how long it has been since I’ve engaged with these shows, and re-watching is something I tend to display aversive behaviour toward, since I am more in favour of recency bias than nostalgia, always looking for something new to take the place of an old favourite.

Some shows and movies are easier to write about than others, but when it comes to books and comic books, I find myself at a loss for words. I imagine this is mostly down to simply not enough practice in writing about them, regardless of quality, but there is a sense that the differing mediums call for different approaches in writing. For instance, I could write analytically about why Toradora’s narrative is great and works so well, but not apply the same style of writing to say, Deadpool Corps. At least, currently.

Which is a shame, as there are tons of things outside anime I would love to try my hand at and see if I can champion them in a convincing manner. I’d love to write about what makes Scott Pilgrim one of the best things ever, and why Bryan Lee O’Malley and Edgar Wright are two of my favourite creators, period. And I don’t want it to become me doing reviews just for the sake of writing about them in some way.

What I prefer to do is focus on a single or a couple of elements from a show or movie (maybe even manga) and explore them in a way that makes them sound interesting and opens them to discussion, as well as explaining my own interpretation on them. Rich subjects such as my undying love for Smallville and why it’s the greatest live-action interpretation of Clark Kent (Superman) are the kind of works I desperately want to dig into the bones of and really get to the heart of what makes them so special. It astounds me how substantial works yield inadequate reflection on my part, and result in my being at a loss in writing about them.

Some more (non-anime) examples:

  • The Witcher (books)
  • Spider-Man (comics/character)
  • Hawkeye (comics/character)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Futurama
  • Rick & Morty
  • Teen Titans
  • Justice League (cartoon)
  • TMNT (2003)
  • Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Static Shock
  • X-Men (all of it)

I find myself having little to nothing to say about any of these works that hasn’t already been said before, or I just can’t quite figure out what angle is the best to take when writing about them.

But I am still early in my career (if you can call it that), and I imagine with time and more practice I can hone my craft to the point that maybe someday I’ll have less trouble with this trying to find interesting ways of writing about the things I’m invested in and would love to explore further. Shows like Code Geass (which I hope to write soon!) and Neon Genesis Evangelion are difficult to write about because of their polarizing views, which I can see and understand both sides of – the latter halves of both shows being considered either trainwrecks of masterpieces.

Personally, I feel like I have little to say about Code Geass outside of it being a masterpiece in my eyes, despite it being one of favourite anime. I see its flaws and forgive them, because (I am a fanboy) it managed to stay true itself at the very end. Not to gush over it here too much, I just find it peculiar how difficult it is for me to write a commentary on it that speaks true to my experience watching it some years ago to my awe and wonder at what anime had to offer. And I want to do it justice by bringing something authentic from myself into the work that would make for an interesting read. But I get stuck, without having much to say more often than I’d like to, especially on the stuff I find deeply involving.

How about you? Is there anything you find difficult to write about? What do you think are some shows (etc.) you would love to explore?
~ Ace

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