Loss of Nostalgia and emotional disconnect: childhood shows

Something I’ve grown more concerned over in recent memory (and experienced quite a number of times already) is the sensation of my older feelings and thoughts on works I watched when I was younger being overwritten through revisiting them now that I’m older, and of a different mindset.


Re-watching shows is something I’m generally averse to, especially if what I want to re-watch is something from childhood and remembered mostly as a positive experience, simply because it’s been so long that at the time I watched it I wouldn’t have noticed or been bothered by its flaws.

There’s this worry that if I don’t get my thoughts out on them now as I remember them through the lens of my younger self, and re-watch them first, that the old idea will become lost. The old idea I built-up for years on something disappearing is a big fear of mine, because it means losing the ability to talk about those things as I remembered them back then, if I revisit them before doing so.

As I mentioned previously, this has happened before quite a few times, and a lot of the time wound up being disappointing or disheartening experiences. It’s happened with Digimon, where I was tragically made aware of the cringe-inducing lines and voice acting from the english dub. Revisiting Spy Kids and the 3 Ninjas movies turned my old feelings of joy and amusement into shame and embarrassment for having watched them so many times as a kid. Coming back to DBZ, even the shortened Kai version has dawned the revelation of how drawn-out and boring a lot of the scenes are (Battle of Gods was still great though). Looking back on Sonic X through Subsonic Sparkle’s video was a shocking revelation for me to realize how misguided I was in holding onto the belief it was still good all this time, when it did so much wrong.

These are but a few of the ones that I can remember being ripped apart from their nostalgic roots embedded in my mind. It’s unfortunate I was not able to put my thoughts to pen and paper long ago when I still maintained positive outlooks and wistful fondness for them, but alas, I am not the same boy who could tolerate and enjoy so much back then, as I doubt I would be able to now.

However, I would also like to mention a few shows I have re-watched in the past couple of years that still remain some of my beloved favourite shows. The likes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, Spectacular Spider-Man, Futurama and TMNT (2003) are all shows that I have grown to enjoy and appreciate more upon revisiting them. And I look forward to writing about them in the future.

I can’t guarantee I’ll have anything interesting to say on them, as it will all be from memory, of which I have a rather short recollection in regards to the likes of things like Astro Boy, and a ton of other shows from my childhood. But I feel like maybe writing the odd short post every now and then on something I can allow myself the chance to reminisce on may prove to be a worthwhile experience, even if it’s just for the sake of preserving those thoughts and feelings.

What about you? Any shows or movies that you remember fondly, but feel cautious in revisiting? Are there any you’d like to write from memory and gut feeling before gambling a re-watch?

~ Ace


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