Blog Update: Current Plans & Ideas

I know it’s been quite some time since my last post (almost a month!), and I’m not going to make any excuses having to do with me being busy with assignments, studying for exams, and just generally being tied-up with other things outside the blog (felt drained of all energy after GamerCon). But I will say that the main reasons behind my lack of work as of recent is due to my lack of motivation and good ideas, or more accurately my (temporary) loss of discipline in carrying out my ideas.

Hence, the purpose of this post, to not only serve as a reminder I am continuing my work here, but also to inform you of a slight change in how I go about producing said content. Because of the long gaps between posts as a result of my desire to polish certain posts before publishing them, I have considered doing more ‘rants’ to fill in the gaps between the days I post something (think of these rants as my “notsohumbleace” side).

On Twitter, I’ve been throwing around ideas for topic points on some posts and the responses have generally been positive, so I’m listing some of them below. If there’s any you want me to write on, leave a comment below:

  • Rant on SAO & Hate-Hate
  • Rant on “objective reviews”
  • Sanji is NOT a Womanizer!
  • Rant on “versus” debates
  • Why I Hate Sasuke More Than Kirito

I might end up making a poll on Twitter as well, especially if I come up with any more ideas, but you get the point. My only regret is not acting on them when they were more relevant a week ago.

As much as I want to produce better content, I also want to produce content more frequently. I had tried posting daily back in January, but it didn’t last because once college started back up it quickly dawned on me how long it takes to write on a daily basis. I still plan on making analytical pieces and the occasional review, just not as often as I’d like.

Basically, expect to see more analytical content on an irregular basis, with less refined content to fill the dead air. My intention isn’t to produce bad content, just content that stems from spontaneous thoughts or reactions to certain things and publishing them within a relevant time-frame. And I definitely want to keep doing this and push myself to produce more and better content, with hopes of transitioning to Youtube (videos) someday.

Thank you all for your comments and support, both here and on Twitter. It’s only been four months since I started this blog, and it’s hard to believe how much has happened since then, and how many interesting and wonderful people I’ve met (in a sense) since then. I hope I can continue to improve and impress with time and practice.

Again, thank you.

~ Ace



5 thoughts on “Blog Update: Current Plans & Ideas”

    1. Thanks.
      Hopefully, I won’t need to re-watch either series to remember how bad both are (in their own ways).

      The one I’m most passionate about is the Sanji one, because he’s portrayed as the opposite and it frustrates me that even Oda believes he’s a womanizer. Apparently, no one knows what that means.

      Look forward to something when I get another break from assignments and such 🙂
      ~ Ace

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