What to Expect Next

As you may have noticed, there has been a significant drop in the frequency of my posts recently – going from a post a day at the start of the month to a post every 1-2 weeks. This setback is mostly due to resuming a new semester in college and being piled with a plethora of assignments to do and exams to study for. And partially due to not using what leisure time I have to watch and write about anime. Because of this, I won’t have much time to dedicate to blogging as I’d like over the course of the next couple of months, but I will endeavour to put something out every now and then, regardless of quality (though I would much prefer it to be something of value, I tend to feel disappointed with myself if I don’t produce anything at all).

As for what I plan to post this year and the foreseeable future, while my blog is primarily anime focused, I would also like to post thoughts and analyses on other things like music and games every now and then as well. Occasionally, I may yield and write a review on whatever shows I feel I don’t have much to offer in terms of analytical substance, and just as a way of expressing my thoughts. Though, I don’t really think of myself as an arbitrator of what is good / bad, and whenever I write a review I feel like a teacher grading homework. It feels uncomfortable, and I’d rather have something else to say about a work than whether it was good or not.

I do, however, plan on formulating recommendations and what I consider to be top moments / fights / characters / etc… in anime somewhere down the line. I’m not so well-versed in shows that I can rack off numerous lesser known suggestions without missing a beat, but there are shows I have a great appreciation for and I feel deserve more attention, or a second chance.

Something else I’d like to dip my toe into when I feel confident enough in writing about it, is literature… or, I suppose pseudo-literature if you don’t think of comic books, light novels and manga as literary works (which I do). Though, I’m still fairly new to reading manga, so don’t expect these anytime soon, just a heads up on what I have in mind for the future. My focus is currently on anime and I don’t plan on moving away from it that soon. There’s still a ton of shows and movies I have to watch (and rewatch in some cases) before delving into uncharted territory.

That’s everything I had to say. Thank you for all your support. And I hope you will continue to enjoy what I post here.  

~ Ace

2 thoughts on “What to Expect Next”

    1. It took me a while to get out of the mentality of not writing if I couldn’t think of anything good to write. My main weakness when it comes to literature is that I simply haven’t read enough, and tend to not re-read things as a result.

      But thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to put it into practice whenever I get the chance.


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