All New Posts For 2017

With 2016 coming to a close and 2017 right around the corner, I thought I should make an announcement of some kind to shed light on my plans for the New Year. I’ve made it one of my main goals to write every day. Ideally, I would like everything I write to be posted here, but there’s a very good chance some days will go by and I’ll have nothing to post here. However, I’ll still be writing and refining certain projects, both new and ones I’ve already started working on. Keep that in mind, my aim is to “write everyday”, not necessarily post everyday (although I will try for that too).

Discipline is something I desperately need to work on following the New Year. Motivation just isn’t enough to keep me going. I’m referring to most things here, but writing in particular. Unless you count those sparks of ideas that you jot down every night (why is it always when I try to sleep they bother me?). If I have anything to say about something, whether it’s something specific, an overall review or just some scattered thoughts about it, then I’ll write it and see where it goes. My mind seems to follow the pen (keyboard) and it’s a surreal relationship to have with your work, when you force yourself to do it and soon enough it’ll create this flow that the more you do it the more likely you are to get swept up in it.

This was just supposed to be a brief notification about upcoming plans for the blog, and I went on a tangent. Don’t expect anything (I don’t want to be setting a high bar for myself this early, after all). For now, just consider me howling at the wind.

~ Ace



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