Got Bored… So, Here’s An Awful Song/Story

Context for this one – I was fighting crippling anxiety at the time. So, it was just something to help cope.

(From previous blog, unedited)

[Untitled 1]
There once was a prince locked up in a castle
He was held there by a wicked wretched evil witch
And every single night he would work up a hassle
For the wretched evil liar who lured him adrift

Locked in a single room with hardly any space
The prince believed it was only a phase
That some daring knight riding upon a steed
Would come to rescue him in this hour of need

And every single night before he fell asleep
He gazed up to the stars ready to plea
Kneeled down in a fashion that pained his knees
With beaming eyes and a hopeful heart
The poor young prince broke into part
“I beg of thee, set me free
Send down a fair young knight
Riding on a swift pony”

As he woke in the mornin’ by the sun beaming through
His ugly looking curtains came into view
Hope gripped his feet and it sprung him from bed
Then a disappointed answer left him with dread

With no sign of rescue or any knight to be had
The helpless young prince started missing his dad
Thoughts flooded and memories flashed
Remembering all the times time went too fast
Then he remembered his mom and remembered his dog
Remembered his sister and remembered his secret frog

Soon the prince found himself spiraling out of control
Sinkin’ deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole
Now the prince began a’ thinking
And the prince began a’ breathing
He had an existential crisis that left him weak feeling
Pretty soon the prince was thinking too much his breathing
And the dawning realization of the end was nearing

Bouncing around the room looking for a way out
This frightened little prince wasn’t going to wait around now
Instead of hoping for some brave and clever knight
The prince began a’ plotting and scheming all night
To calm himself down he would take the time
To sit himself down and rehearse a rhyme
“I am here, here is now
My mind is clear, and one with Tao”

Then once the prince hatched his brilliant scheme
He started hearing movement beneath the seams
And when the prince was finished he readied himself
Preparing for the escape that might just save him from hell

Ready and waiting, the prince became focused
He was staring down the door rarin’ to go for it
And at the very moment the handle began to turn
The eager young prince started into a run

It was then he quickly realized what he had done
Springing a trap on a certain very special someone
It was the knight he prayed for and didn’t look too well
He seemed quite agitated and rarin’ to break through hell
Squirming in the net, the knight lectured the prince
But all he could think of was “Who is this?”

So he cut down the rope that opened the net
And let down the knight who he hoped would forget
About tying him up and how they had met

Then the knight grabbed the prince by his wrist
And rushed him through the window with his armored fist
The window shattered and the pieces scattered
Then the prince’s clothes became all tattered

They landed on a horse positioned outside
The young prince screamed in terror
And the knight said “It will be alright”

As they rode off over the hill, the prince said
“Thank you, Ser Knight, I almost wound up dead”
The brave fairing knight lifted up his helmet
Only to reveal long flowing strands of velvet
And the prince gaped in awe at the ever flowing hair
Entranced by the movement of it passing through air
Combined with the rhythm of the fast-riding mare
He soon became unable to cease his glare

But then something new caught a twinkle in his eye
It wasn’t the hair, but he was still surprised
By the brave fairing knight’s majestic face
Amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty and grace
It was pale and accompanied by a cheery smile
And the prince became flushed as they reached a mile

The prince became all shy and began to stutter
But suddenly his heart was sent all a flutter
At the very single moment, he turned away
The brave and fairing knight leaned into say
“I hope you don’t mind a fair young maiden
Over a brave and daring knight
I’m not much a’ fighter, but I couldn’t sit tight
I had searched near and far to come to aid
And then before I knew it I was given this blade
I set upon a journey arduous in task
Met with people that caused me to ask
“Have any seen or heard of this missing prince?”
And each and everyone said they hadn’t since
As hope began to weaken and despair began to sink in
I had reached my limit before I had even seen him

Then as fortune would have it
I was led to you by a small white rabbit
And I rode full speed determined at my best
Certain that I would be successful in my daring quest
After cutting down the witch and rushing up to your room
Everything down turned into an upside view

Next thing I knew I was trapped in a net
And though I yelled, I wasn’t really that upset
When you cut me down I knew who I’d found
And had a strong feeling we wouldn’t hit the ground
With adrenaline-fuelled veins and you by my side
I was certain that it would be alright
So I rushed through the window, certain in my choice
Next thing I know we’ve landed and there’s a terror in your voice
My instincts called to me saying we should rejoice
After riding for a while you’ve seen who I am
So tell me fair young prince where to shall we scram?


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