A Look Back: Beyblade


(From previous blog, unedited)

When it comes to remembering Beyblade, I feel like I’m scuba-diving into the recesses of my mind in search of something notable to talk about. Before I delve into what little I was able to piece together from the fragments of my hazy memory, allow me to clear the air on this first. I haven’t been exposed to anything beyblade for at least twelve years now, and just like with my post about Pokémon, the only refresher I gave myself was the opening to the show. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

This was another one of the shows I had watched as a kid before discovering it was an “anime”. As with most of the other shows from my childhood, anime in particular, I still maintain a great fondness for the openings, even Beyblade’s, which upon repeated viewing as an adult, does not hold up. Honestly, I can’t really pinpoint anything good about the opening for Beyblade, apart from the catchy dubbed lyrics barging into the metaphorical music room just to repeat the same two words again and again, like they’re trying to rally a punk protest or something.

If you asked me “What was the story of Beyblade?” I would probably stand there with my eyes widening in horror at the realization that I have no idea what happened or why it happened. Though that’s more of a fault on my memory than anything else. All I can recall was the bitter-sweet rivalry between the protagonist Tyson, and the better character Kai. Beyblade battles would ensue, and giant wind monsters would appear from the beyblades… because anime. Aside from that, there were tournaments. I assume more than one happened, because I dropped off the show during the first one, maybe around when Kai lost his duel.

I’m not going to lie. The whole giant wind monster thing appearing from beyblades was the main reason I got beyblades for Christmas. There were, of course, duels at school and I remember none of us knew how to properly play, and that my chord would get stuck in the damn beyblade all the time. But there was this one time we played in the courtyard and I launched my beyblade on top of someone else’s (like in the show) and it was one of the proudest moments of my childhood (which says a lot). Our goal was to try and get them to clash into each other as much as possible and see how long we could get a match going, but what usually ended up happening was someone would launch their beyblade and knock the other one down a slope or something and automatically win the game. It was a pretty cheap tactic to wait and aim the beyblade at the already launched beyblade so you would knock it over, but that’s what everyone did and no one really cried over it, so I guess it was cool.
Back to the show. I don’t really remember much about the characters, except that I thought Kai was cool and… yeah that pretty much sums it up. I’m sure if I re-watched the show I’d have more to say on the matter, but I doubt I’d be able to get past the first episode, or put up with the voice acting, dialogue, animation and premise at this stage in my life. Despite my current indifference to the show, I do recall enjoying the idea of it at the time. And I believe re-watching it will only taint what fondness I have left for the show, so I’d rather just let bygones be bygones and move on to other shows.

~ Ace


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